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Colombia is highly vulnerable to climate change, and risk mitigation and adaptation must become a top priority. Global demand for large-scale financing and sustainable investments has increased significantly as a result of the commitments derived from the COP21 Paris Climate Conference Agreements and ratification of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), at both the public and private levels.

Increasingly, companies must review their strategies to include environmental, social, governance and risk management considerations, in order to address the concerns of their stakeholders, who are more aware than ever and are demanding that companies include sustainability criteria in their daily operations.

Given its leading role in the Colombian financial system, bvc has always contributed to Colombia’s economic, sustainable and inclusive development. For this reason, today we are pleased to unveil bvc Sostenible, the financing and investment alternative for companies and investors, through our sustainable financial products.

bvc Sostenible promotes financing and investments in projects that help fulfill these commitments, aimed at supporting Colombia's transition to a low-carbon-emissions economy. It has the potential for becoming a pillar of economic growth that promotes innovation, development of new technologies, competitiveness and efficient use of natural resources.


“Guide for the elaboration of ESG reports for Issuers in Colombia”

      Download here 



4th Colombian Conference on Responsible Investment

29,30 june and 1 July 2021

Registration Link: https://inversionresponsable2021.com/


5 Green bonds

$1.5b Millions Oversubscribed 1.7x

6 Social bond

$1.7b Millions Oversubscribed 1.8x

3 Sustainable Bonds

$1.1b Millions Oversubscribed 2.0x

1 Orange bond

$400K Millions Oversubscribed 2.2x

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