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Environmental Management


In 2019, bvc Group continued to strengthen its environmental commitment through initiatives designed to raise awareness of the need to protect natural resources, and actions designed to minimize the negative impact of capital market business activity.

bvc Group changed its carbon footprint measuring methodology in 2019, and adjusted the sources of each area.


Fundación Natura supported us in implementing a tool to measure greenhouse gas emissions based on NTC 14061-1 criteria and GHG protocol. The tool allows us to calculate a greenhouse gas emissions inventory that includes estimation uncertainty. The baseline year for greenhouse gas measurement and starting point for bvc Group environmental management comparison is 2019.

The Exchange and Depository produced 430 tons of CO2 in 2019. Area 3 was the largest emitter with 61% of the total, mainly from air travel and employee bus transport services.

Area 2 (electricity consumption) produced 26% of the total (112 tons of CO2).

Area 1 produced the remaining 13% (57 tons of CO2), mainly through refrigerants and fire extinguishers used in bvc Group offices.


Carbon offsetting 2019

In 2019, bvc Group developed a number of carbon offsetting initiatives, and mitigated its environmental impact through the reforestation program being developed for us by Fundación Natura.

In 2019, 1,033 trees were planted (567 or 122% more than 2018) that offset 429 tons of CO2. This is equivalent to 100% of the integrated organization’s carbon footprint according to the methodology mentioned above, and is 125% higher than in 2018 – evidencing our commitment to mitigation.