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Corporate Social Responsibility


In 2019, bvc Group rebooted its CSR program to generate benefits that are better aligned with our corporate strategy of being a profitable, sustainable, diverse and innovative company through the development of in-house capacity. Four relevant initiatives were developed that include donations of COP$160 million and investments of COP$316 million, a YoY increase of +240%.


Applied innovation program


This initiative is designed to accelerate bvc/sophos digital transformation, in association with NXTP, and better understand how fintech/start-up ecosystems are a source of innovation in solutions that positively affect our business. In 2019, we received 107 applications from regional fintechs that were filtered down to 55 start-ups according to product and service criteria, operational status and country of operation. We sent information requests to 31 of them, and at 2019 year end a second filter analysing team, scalability, traction and finances reduced this number to 21. Finally, 9 start-ups were selected that have truly innovative business models related to bvc Group business activities. In 2020 Q1, the initiative will conclude with an innovation day at which the best start-ups will be selected to develop business opportunities with the selected fintechs.

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Investment:  COP $71 million




Talent grants


To help grow talent in innovation and technology related fields, in 2019 bvc Group supported a program of grants for low-income students on the Professional Software Development Technician course at the Politécnico Internacional. This flexible course can be adjusted to meet our needs, and should be a talent incubator for the technical experts needed by bvc Group companies. The CSR program has provided fourteen 50% grants to outstanding students, with a total value of COP$32 million. In addition, the marketing and commercial areas donated an additional COP$20 million from their “tarjeta de navidad” (Christmas Card) campaign, to fund six additional students in 2020.

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Donation:  COP $52 million


Carbon footprint offset


bvc Group’s entire 2018 carbon footprint (350 Tons) was offset in 2019 by planting 1,033 trees (+122% YoY) of 14 different species in the Encenillo Biological Reserve near Bogotá. Fundación Natura calculated our 2019 carbon footprint and planted the trees that offset our 2018 footprint.

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Donation:  COP $33 million



Impact investment


In 2019, bvc Group continued to support impact investment through its private capital fund, Inversor. A COP$75 million donation was made to the fund, and there were also two calls for investment (May and November) that captured COP$245 million.

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Donation:  COP $75 million

Investment:  COP $245 million




Inversor positioned itself as an impact asset manager that channels investment resources into short and long-term investments designed to leverage SME growth plans with triple impact potential


Social impact


The companies that are part of the Fund’s investment portfolio are dedicated to working with vulnerable populations, by purchasing from local providers, developing and promoting quality of life initiatives for employees, and protecting the environment.



Employment characteristics


  • 26.8% workers in formalized employment.
  • Better working conditions for 30% of workers.
  • Maximum salary of 11.4x minimum wage.



Gender focus – 46%


  • 50% of management roles are occupied by women.
  • Average salary for women is equivalent to 94.6% of total average salary.



New projects:


In 2019, Inversor structured the Investment Fund II, and is currently raising capital. The first close should be in September 2020, with a total of COP$60,000 million.

For more information regarding "Inversor" privete equity fund please visit:  http://www.inversor.org.co/en/home/