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Since its creation in 2009, bvc has led the growth and development of Inversor together with another 12 partner entities that are founders of Inversor. Thanks to the initiative of these organizations, Inversor has promoted the development of the private equity fund, social impact bond and impact investment industry in the country.

Inversor channels resources for growth, expansion or consolidation plans of SMEs with a profitable business model that has growth potential and more importantly, has a large and positive social and environmental impact. The size of the first fund is COP 23.910 million and bvc has 10,46%.



Portfolio companies have created 218 employments.



Employment Chracteristics:

  • Employment formalization of 23,6% of workers.

  • Improvement of labor conditions of the 30,0% of workers.

  • The maximum salary represents 11,6 times of the minimum wage.




Gender Equality: 46%

  • 50% of management positions are occupied by woman

  • The woman average wage represents a 94,6% of the total average wage


Environmental Impact of Inversor 2018



The collected waste increased in 2018 and the percentage of use of electronic waste was 71%.


waste water.png

For more information regarding "Inversor" privete equity fund please visit:  http://www.inversor.org.co/en/home/