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Focus and Vision


Sustainability Policy


Scope and objectives


This policy aims to comply with the organizational purpose of bvc Group, To connect people’s dreams with the growth objectives of businesses, while leading the transformation of capital markets. In this way, this policy aims to contribute to the economic, sustainable and inclusive growth of Colombia, facilitating the movement of capital between those who have funds to invest and those who require capital to innovate and grow through the good functioning of the managed markets in a transparent, efficient, secure, reliable and regulated environment.


This policy is applicable to bvc Group, which is formed by bvc as parent company, and its subsidiaries: Depósito Centralizado de Valores de Colombia Deceval S.A. (CSD), Precia Proveedor de Precios para valoración S.A.(Price Vendor), Cámara de Riesgo Central de Contraparte de Colombia S.A. (CCP) and the investment vehicles.



The development of this policy is based on the following pillars of action, under a long-term focus of bvc Group:

Capital market development

Reference is made to the contribution to the country's economic growth through deepening the core business that covers all the companies and investor spectrum, promoting the entrance of new participants in the markets managed by bvc Group and the financial inclusion, by strengthening the products portfolio and digital services with focus on clients; and on the generation of greater efficiencies through a resilient and vertically integrated operation, leveraged on technology and innovation to meet our client and market needs

Corporate performance and cultural transformation

This corresponds to the capacity of each of the companies part of bvc Group to be profitable, sustainable, diversified and innovative corporations with high corporate governance standards that create value for its stakeholders and the respective entities. In this pillar bvc Group strengthens its organizational culture by promoting human rights and diversity, leadership style and the personal and professional development of its employees with fairness through cultural transformation and innovation.

Sustainability model

The sustainability model of bvc Group is aligned to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):



Proposals and Premises of Action

1. Promote and be an example in the implementation of better information disclosure and investment decision practices with ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) criteria by market participants.

2. Develop sustainable financial products and services that support the transition of our country towards a more digital and low-carbon economy that helps to mitigate the risks of climate change.

3. Boost the access of all companies, from SMEs to big corporations, to new sources of funding through capital market initiatives. As well as promoting the entrance of more investors to the market independently of its size.

4. Encourage the development of financial education programs focused on capital markets.

5. Implement the Corporate Social Responsibility program with high social and environmental impact aligned with the SDGs defined in the sustainability model of this policy.

6. Implement in its environmental management the necessary actions that allow bvc Group to become carbon neutral in its entire operation. It will be offset and established initiatives to reduce the totality of the carbon footprint.

7. Act under the highest standards of corporate governance in an upright, transparent, ethical way and in compliance with the law. Strengthening its relationship practices with its different stakeholders.


Focus and Vision


Recent years have seen an unprecedented global shift towards strengthening the links between business activities and social and environmental considerations. Today we face huge global changes, challenges and opportunities in which investors move ever faster towards investment objectives that promote long-term sustainability. This has incentivized companies to strengthen their working practices with regard to environmental, social and corporate governance best practice, and direct cash flows towards investments with lower ESG and climate change risk.


 bvc Group is aware of these structural challenges and is clear about its unique position in the Colombian financial ecosystem: It brings together all the participants within the systems it manages. It is imperative that bvc capital market infrastructure functions correctly and with integrity in a transparent, efficient, safe, trustworthy and regulated environment.


The financial markets are key to the proper functioning of the wider economy and, therefore, society. Any risk to market function and integrity can be seen as a social risk, and bvc Group has a huge responsibility to the entire financial system to guarantee market availability and contribute to Colombia’s sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

In line with our commitment to best corporate practice in ESG, bvc Group plans for possible sustainability risks to the business and has been developing sustainable products such as green, social and sustainable bonds; voluntary disclosure standards for IR Recognition; sustainability guides; financial education programmes; and best practice events for market participants in conjunction with the financial sector and the




We recognise that there is still a long way to go, and we are committed to developing more products and services that help our country become an inclusive, low-carbon economy.



ESG Disclosure




In July 2020, we continued promoting best practice in ESG disclosure with the launch of the Colombian Securities Market Sustainability Guide in conjunction with GRI.

The ESG reporting guide contemplates different levels of maturity and progress among issuers, and recognizes reporting as a continuous improvement process. The guide is a starting point for companies that are beginning to report, and also provides guidelines to improve reporting quality for companies that are already reporting.


IR Recognition


Sustainable Product Lines




Responsible Investment Task Force







Voluntarily, bvc is a signatory of the UN Global Compact initiative since 2012 and it keeps reaffirming its commitment, sending its fifth annual progress report as part of the integrated report under the GRI Standard. The Exchange is also part of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative (SSE) since 2014 and participates in the Sustainability Working Group of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) since 2015.